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PIRATE MENTALITY for All4 is available now:


The Set is available here:


The film takes Boy Better Know's Frisco and Grime Film Pioneer: Risky Roadz, back onto the street to uncover the role pirate radio has played in the movement of Grime. Now Britain's most prominent cultural export, the film meets the originators to shape the picture Grime owes pirate radio, culminating with a one off throwback pirate radio styled set, to pay homage to it's humble origins.


Cameras + Lenses:

Arri Amira, Alexa Mini, Black Magic Cinema, Sony A7S mkII, GoPro

Angenieux, Zeiss Superspeeds


Production Companies: Two Yanks and a Brit UK, SBTV, Risky Roadz

Client: Channel 4

Project: Pirate Mentality

Running Time: 38 minutes


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