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'Any Colour You Like' is available to view here:


We were commissioned by Channel 4 to produce a short documentary on the socio political aspects of Tom Caulker; the owner and founder of the 'World Headquarters' nightclub in Newcastle Upon Tyne.


The film charts Tom's life battles with racism growing up in the 1960s, 70s & 80s and how through the power of unity, great music and striving for a more cosmopolitan attitude in the world he inhabits, can the world become a place with greater equality. The film delves into the life-changing and life-threatening as we uncover the beauty and ugliness of human nature and the issues of race.


Camera & Lenses: Sony F55 and Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses.



Production Company: Two Yanks and a Brit UK

Client: Channel 4

Project: Any Colour You Like

Running Time: 11 minutes

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